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"Alana’s detox program totally transformed and shifted my current habitual pattern and psychological connection to unhealthy eating. It has provided me with the tools and knowledge to have a better understanding of how an unhealthy lifestyle was having such a detrimental impact upon my life. I lost nearly 4kg during the seven day program and have never felt energy highs like it. The various teaching sessions were holistic and informative, giving a gentle guide to incorporate into life. Alana is warm and friendly and made the process so enjoyable."

– Jennifer Anne Karamath

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"I have done Alana’s detox 3 times now and every time I’m blown away by Alana’s attention to detail. Alana’s choice of evening sessions are excellent and help keep us all motivated and engaged even though we have even doing these remotely. Alana is great at maintaining contact with us both as a group and individuals and is encouraging throughout. Due to the results of Alana’s detox which is less about weight loss and more about the clarity of mind, the functioning digestive system, the general feeling of wellbeing and high energy I have during and after I now incorporate a day of juicing one day per week and aim to detox at least once every season. Wholeheartedly recommend joining Alana’s detox, you won’t regret it (especially after day 3 when it becomes a lot easier) and it will be the first steps you take to  etting go of bad eating habits."

– Sam Burke

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"Back in July 2020, I began my juicing journey with detox with Alana, I was 2.5 stone overweight, partly due to lockdown bad habits of eating crisps hummus and drinking cider and struggling badly with menopause symptoms and a frozen shoulder. The first detox was tough but Alana’s guidance to set myself up pre-detox and then during the detox week with the private groups and nightly workshops kept me going. Her knowledge of how to alkalise the body was amazing. I have completed the detox 4 times now and have healed my frozen shoulder, reduced my menopausal symptoms, the belly fat has significantly reduced. I have removed 22 lbs. of excess weight from my body and my mental clarity and motivation to exercise and for life has returned. It is and continues to be truly life changing."

– Chrissy Kelly


"This was my first juice detox ever, thought that I wouldn’t be able to complete the week, and was so amazed that with Alana’s companionship coaching me every day was so easy. The juices are delicious, the day classes every day (for me here in Mexico at 14 hrs.) were very useful, as you listen to other women that are doing the same detox at the same time in various countries. I lost 3 kg and my skin was much brighter and glowing, I had improved digestion and slept very well. I fully recommend this Detox, not only to feel and look better but for the experience that you are capable to accomplish this life changing health challenge."

– Rosalinda 

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"The juice detox left me feeling fantastic! I was full of energy, felt fitter, clarity of mind, my skin was clear and the most wonderful thing was getting on the scale to discover that I had lost 8lbs after 7 days! Thank you Alana and ladies for the encouraging messages and classes! Looking forward to the next detox. Alana’s detox gave me the kick-start I needed, I feel Alana’s detox programme fulfilled me with nutrients that gave my skin and inner self the glow needed to reset a new lifestyle of eating habits. Thank you Alana I appreciate you."

– Melenda Mclean

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"I had a very rewarding experience at taking part at Alana’s Detox Program. She is very professional and understanding when giving feedback to us, she takes the time to guide us when we felt that we were not going to make it, also the workshops are prepared to reinforced the holistic approach of each of us as individuals, which I think is a definite plus for the success of the Detox Program. I will totally recommend Alana’s professionalism at following this excellent choice as a Detox system for anyone who would like to start a healthy path towards a better life choices!"

– Gaby Samano

Lina Bocchetti.jpg

"I had a week of detox for the first time with Alana's programme and enjoyed every single day. It’s a great programme. I can't stop thanking Alana, I lost 4kg and I am continuing to take her advice. Alana is supportive throughout the detox and you have her support 24/7. You can ask her all sorts of advice regarding the programme, she will always give you the answers, and she has lots of knowledge. The detox week is amazing, you will lose weight, you’ll feel great with lots of energy after a few days once your body gets used to the detox. After the detox you don't want to go back to your usual eating habits. The programme is so beneficial  or your mind, and your body will show the results. I highly recommend the programme with Alana, you will thank her for the rest of your life."

– Lina Bochetti

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