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Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to read about me and the journey that inspired me to help others discover the life-changing power of detox.


 “If you don’t nourish and take care of the most magnificent machine that you’ve ever been given…where are you going to live?”


Sounds simple doesn’t it?  

Yet for many of us, myself included, we only start taking care proper care of our health when illness comes knocking. We go through life spending hundreds on the latest ‘must-haves’ but when it comes to really nourishing our bodies - our homes- we struggle to commit.   


Being healthy is ‘too expensive’, ‘too time consuming,’ or just ‘too difficult’. So on we go, a bit tired, a bit overweight and a bit fuzzy. 

But imagine: a life full of joy and vitality.

One when you wake up refreshed not sluggish.  

One with enough energy to get through the day without needing three cups of coffee.

One in which you are strong inside and out. 

Being healthy is ‘too expensive’, ‘too time consuming,’ or just ‘too difficult’. So on we go, a bit tired, a bit overweight and a bit fuzzy. 


I’m Alana and through the power of detox I’ve changed my life. Detoxing gave me the tools and the strength I needed to live the life I deserved. 


And now I want to share all that I’ve learned to help you achieve YOUR best possible health so that you can live YOUR best life. 


Because nothing makes me happier than being able to use my experiences to help others heal and live the life they truly deserve.


Detox saved my life

While I’m now fit and strong, Mum to a gorgeous toddler and living my dream of running my own business, my road to optimum health and happiness was anything but simple.


Five years ago, I was a completely different woman.  

After a traumatic divorce I fell into a deep clinical depression. I lost the corporate job I loved, my beautiful home became an empty shell I hated, I isolated myself from friends and family and withdrew from daily life. I gave up.

I was prescribed countless medications but none touched the darkness I felt. Finally, after endless trips to psychiatrists I was diagnosed with a rare depression that was entirely resistant to medication. I was out of options. If I was going to heal, I had to find my own way.  


I started exploring ‘non-traditional’ treatment methods and as I looked back at my illness, I realised that in all those years not one doctor had asked me about my diet. I was in such a bad place that I wasn't nourishing my body with the healing foods it needed. 

Shortly afterwards, I embarked on a life changing journey at a detox centre in Thailand. Here, I discovered the many benefits of detoxing, both mentally and physically. As I released all the harmful toxins that had plagued my body and mind for years, I began to heal. I had more energy, my body healed (I lost 14 kilograms) but most importantly, my joy for life returned.  


I was ready to live again.

Having been through this powerful transformation myself, I realised that my calling was to help others change their lives, starting with their health. With this intention, I became a certified Detox Coach at The LifeCo Phuket, a Detox and Wellness Centre in Thailand.

I’ve now brought what I learned in this beautiful setting and applied it to real, messy life here in the UK.


I know the struggles of getting started in detox and of incorporating a cleaner way of eating into modern living. My detox packages and one-to-one detox support make your road to optimum health as easy as possible and I can’t wait for you to get started. 

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