Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to read about me and the journey that inspired me to help others discover the life-changing power of detox.

I’m a 38 year old mother to a gorgeous little boy called Theodore who you will often see on featured on the blog section of my website - which is a mixture of health/wellness, lifestyle and my Mum-hood journey, which has been a wonderful experience.


I spent many years working in communications for health, nutrition and functional food brands but I now work in health and wellness working on my own brand ‘Detox with Alana’. I’m strong, I’m healthy and I’m happy to be doing what I love: making the benefits of detox accessible/creating detox programmes for people to heal themselves just like I did.


After years of depression and darkness, detox changed my life I and healed myself from a life of unhappiness. In three years, I have literally turned my life around and created the life of my dreams. I have also become a Mother which is something that has fulfilled a lifelong dream for me. 

I believe that wellness is becoming an ever more active and conscious process: people are becoming aware of the many wonderful options available to help them commit to and sustain a healthy lifestyle I believe that health is the epicentre of existence, and that all other elements – work, relationships, happiness - radiate out from this core –  because without a healthy body to carry us through life, what do we really have?


That’s why I am so committed to helping people achieve the best possible health, so that they can live their best possible lives! Many people wait until sickness comes to focus on their health and sadly sometimes it’s too late. As part of my role as a Detox coach at The Lifeco Thailand I worked with many cancer patients.

5 years ago I was a completely different woman. After a traumatic divorce I fell into a deep clinical depression which lasted years. I lost the corporate job I loved, my beautiful home became an empty shell I hated, I isolated myself from friends and family and withdrew from daily life.

I tried countless medications but none of them touched the darkness I felt.  But I kept seeking help and finally after several suicide attempts and endless trips to psychiatrists & psychologists I was diagnosed with a rare depression that was entirely resistant to medication. Over the years not one doctor asked me about my diet and I was in such a bad place at that time I didn’t nourish my body with the healthy healing foods I needed.

I realised that the only way to beat my illness and salvage my life was to find my own way and I did through the healing powers of detoxing.


I embarked on life changing journey at a detox centre in Thailand and I never looked back. I developed the tools I needed to take my health and wellness into my own hands and discover the many benefits of detoxing, both mentally and physically. It was a life changing experience and by the end of it I was beaming with energy: I woke up with a spring in my step; I found my spark; I lost 14 kilos in three months – and most importantly, my joy for life returned. I also I had a new body and felt good and confident in it for the first time in my life – this was just an added bonus.

It wasn't only about the juicing and raw vegan foods, it was also the mediation, daily yoga, expelling all the toxicity with colonics and detoxing my mind from media and television. I felt like a new person and physically I was in the best shape I had ever been in my life. Releasing all the harmful toxins that had plagued my body for years and discovering the powers of detox changed my life forever.

Discovering detox gave me the tools I needed to take back control of my life and live the life I deserved.


Having been through this powerful transformation myself, I realised that my calling in life was to help other people change their lives, starting with their health! Keen to develop the knowledge and skills to equip me to do this professionally and effectively, I trained at The LifeCo Phuket as a Detox Coach and I continue to develop and grow my knowledge in wellness, nutrition and detox. I now incorporate juicing into my daily routine and am passionate about juicing, detox and a more plant based lifestyle.


In order to share everything I have learned and help others discover the power of detox, I have now set-up a seven-day green juice detox for those who would like the opportunity to detox from the comfort of their own home, with the support of a small, friendly virtual group. I also offer one-to-one detox support for those that want a move personal detox experience.

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