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Dania Trapani

Dania Trapani is my Nutrionists partner and offers all my clients a session with to discuss their diet and health needs after the detox, she also runs my ‘Life after Detox’ online event which is part of my 7 Day Virtual Detox Retreat. As a Qualified nutritional therapist and health coach Dania believes in dealing with the root cause of all acute and chronic conditions. Removing all health obstacles and restoring the person’s health and balance.


I often partner with Potager to supply juices to my clients who prefer to have their juices made for them during the 7 day detox. They have a beautiful Juice Bar/Café in West London with an amazing selection of cold pressed juices as well a delicious plant based and unprocessed food with the mission of encouraging Londoners to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

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The LifeCo Wellbeing Centre

The LifeCo Wellbeing Centre (located in Turkey and Thailand) are one of the world’s leading centres for healing and detoxification. This is where I discovered the healing powers of detoxing and trained as a detox coach in 2018. Once it is safe to travel again I will be organising yearly retreat groups to one of the centres in order for my clients to experience a detox in a beautiful surrounding with access to all the many therapies such as oxygen air therapy and colonic hydrotherapy.

Chrissy Kelly

Chrissy works in partnership with me on ‘Detox Mindset’ and how our thoughts and feelings will play a part in the detox journey. She shows the importance of understanding how detoxing is not just for our body but also our mind and soul. Chrissy has herself overcome a difficult beginning, having no parents living in two children's home, she has overcome childhood trauma and adversity to becoming a successful trainer and wellbeing practitioner. She also engages fully in the detox journey and has had her own transformational process. Each individual that joins the detox program is offered a 15 minute session with Chrissy where she will help them get their mindset into gear before they start on a detox journey.

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Peace Inside Live

Peace Inside Live is an amazing platform for meditation, mindfulness and movement with a wonderful community of spiritual and holistic teachers who I often partner with my events during my detox weeks or retreats.

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