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Why Not Have A Green Juice Day?

Today is my GREEN JUICE fast day – every week I have one day where I do a juice fast with nothing but pure organic ALKALISE JUICE. After doing a week detox it’s quite easy and to tell the truth I’m so busy running after Theo that it’s easier to juice than prepare meals. If the thought of a detox and not eating for a whole week scares you why not start small and commit yourself to a one day a week JUICE FAST and ease yourself into the wonderful world of detoxing slowly. Thank you @drthomaslodi for sharing all your wonderful knowledge which I will never forget…juicing or a water fast one day a week can add years to your life and life to your years! Our bodies are sadly often exposed to endless amounts of toxins on a daily basis – I know a lot of these toxins such as pollution etc are out of our control but what we put into our mouths is the one thing we can control. So start taking small steps in order to make positive changes to your health and diet….once you start you won’t look back….I promise!


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