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2021 Vision Board

Last weekend I created my 2021 vision board which was such a beautiful process….this morning I did a wonderful guided meditation with my eyes wide open @drwaynedyer (my favourite spiritual guru) just looking at my beautiful creation and visualising all this magic in my life and feeling happy about it now in this present moment.

When I was putting my board together I paid a lot of attention to my thoughts/feelings and what was going on inside my head. At one moment I looked at was on the board and thought is this too much? Am I being over ambitious? But I let go of that feeling and told myself ‘I’m worthy’ of the life of my dreams and I will take steps to get there….I might not achieve everything in 2021 but the important thing is that I’m taking action and starting my journey.

At 38 years old I am really starting to realise how fast the years go and how much making every year count really matters.

This is your one precious life. Make it count, make it exciting – It’s your birth right to be happy and connect to being!

Take a leap of faith this year …don’t let the situation in the world and Covid set you back - create a vision and take the necessary actions to get there!

What would you like your 2021 to look like?

Work Life?

Family Life?

Love Life?


Health goal?

Spiritual growth?




Start by creating a vision and then make an ACTION PLAN and figure out what you need to make your visions a reality! In order to attract what you truly want, the vision board alone won’t cut it. You must see it, feel it, and embody it. To help you create the best vision board for getting clear on what you want, here are the four essential steps:

Step 1 - Defining your goals

Step 2 - Finding your inspiration

Step 3 - Mapping out your board

Step 4 - Bringing your vision board to life!

To get some INSPIRATION Begin looking for words and images that align to the goals that you have identified. These might be magazines around lifestyle, home, nature, fitness, fashion, yoga, baby, family, etc. But don’t just limit yourself to magazines!

Other places you might find inspiration:

Postcards, stickers, catalogues, wrapping paper, fabric, ribbons, leaves and flowers…The possibilities are endless! You are looking for words, images, or colours that resonate with you. You may be inspired by colours, patterns, textures, or the imagery itself. Or, a word may stand out to you - so rip it out and place it to one side.

ENJOY the process lovelies…I really enjoyed mine!


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