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Theodore's Love of Green Juice

My GREEN JUICE loving baby… Before I had Theo I basically lived on green juice for months while I was a permanent resident @thelifeco as a detox coach in Phuket. The results detoxing had on my body and health were astonishing…not only did my body look the best it ever has but mentally I felt so good!

So as soon as I found out I was pregnant I bought myself a slow pressed juicer and made sure a green juice was part of my daily morning routine as I’m not one for taking loads of pills – I prefer to get my nutrients from food if I can.

So I’m assuming Theodore got his love of green juice from Mama – he’s not a big fan of eating green veggies unless I hide them in food so it’s great that he loves them juiced. I’m going to aim at giving him green juice every morning so he gets his daily dose of green goodness.

Today our juice consisted of all organic apple, celery, cucumber, spinach and and a small chunk of ginger.

If you are wanting to lose a few pounds or you are genuinely feeling sluggish and need a reset please feel free to contact me and join my next home detox group.


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