Next Spring DETOX 2021 starts Monday 19th April


  • The detox plan with all FAQs and information you might need
  • 30 minute detox consultation via Zoom
  • Shopping list which includes supplements you will need for the week
  • Pre detox advice and guidelines
  • A supportive group of 15-30 people
  • Check-in with the group every evening
  •  WhatsApp and closed Facebook group - video clips, documents etc. are shared
  • Health & Wellness events X 6 sessions which include yoga, Pilates, meditation, sound baths/EEFT Therapy and workshops/Talks on various topics such as ‘Life After Detox’ and ‘Mindful EATING’
  • 20 Minute discovery call with my certified CNM Nutritionist partner Dania Trapani
  • Post detox advice and a specific ‘Salad + Juice’ plan to follow for those that want to continue for various reasons such as weight loss etc.


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